Core eCommerce & Website Package - NZ$4990 + GST

eCommerce Website + Business Website + more

Overview of administration features included in the 'Core package'

  • Customised Design Customised Design

    It's important that your eCommerce Website looks professionally designed and follows any existing design & branding you may have. We are web designers (not just web developers) and will make your new eCommerce Website look like a seamless extension of your business.

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  • Unlimited Products, Catalogues, Web Pages Unlimited Products, Catalogues, Web Pages

    One of the best things about the eCatalyst system is that your online store can take as many products & catalogues as you want to sell online, and there are no limitations on how many web pages you can have - so you can also use eCatalyst as your high-end business website.

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  • Built-in Email Marketing Campaign Management & Newsletter Signup Built-in Email Marketing Campaign Management & Newsletter Signup

    Email campaigns and newsletters are one of the most cost-effective and powerful online marketing tools available today. Your online business can build stronger relationships with its existing customers or use email campaigns to cultivate new customers and reward loyalty.

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  • Built-in CRM + Unlimited Members Database Built-in CRM + Unlimited Members Database

    Manage your customers orders, track customer behavior, check address details, make customer notes or even set meetings. It's all possible with the handy built-in Customer Relationship Manager.

    Learn more about the CRM.

  • Built-in Analytics & Reporting Built-in Analytics & Reporting

    Built-in analytical reports at your fingertips such as Web Page usage reports, Customer reports, Sales reports and even custom reports.

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  • PCI Compliant Payment Gateways PCI Compliant Payment Gateways

    We support a wide range of payment gateways internationally and we can help you get setup within NZ quickly.

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  • Powerful Workflows with TXTs Powerful Workflows with TXTs

    Set workflows to control content approvals, confirmation emails, admin escalation emails and to even send order confirmation TXT's / SMS's to your sales team!

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  • Robust GST / TAX Management Robust GST / TAX Management

    Are tax & GST rate changes creating nightmare updates on your online store? Not with eCatalyst - change product prices site wide by simply changing your tax rate!

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Overview of eCommerce features included in the 'Core package'

  • Intelligent Contact & Enquiry Forms Intelligent Contact & Enquiry Forms

    Our eCatalyst Enquiry forms not only look great and are incredibly easy to fill in, they are intelligent and ensure all your customers details are filled in as accurately as possible. Not only that, they are integrated directly with the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and Customer Databases so you can track these now, and at any time in the future.

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  • Customer Members Area with Favourites Customer Members Area with Favourites

    An important part of any eCommerce Website is how well it handles its Members. Most customers don't understand why they even need to have a Members Login, until they need to check a transaction, chase a shipment, review an invoice or re-purchase from your store. So Membership should be easy and seamless, and give the customer clear functionality after the purchase process.

    More about the Customer Members Area with Favourites

  • Discount Codes & Vouchers Discount Codes & Vouchers

    Reward returning customers, or attract new customers with percentage discounts, fixed dollar discounts, or even free shipping. eCatalyst has a wealth of functionality allowing you to create more sales and customer loyalty with discount codes & vouchers.

    more about discount codes & vouchers

  • Dynamic Product Relationships Dynamic Product Relationships

    Create powerful product relationships using Related Products to up-sell & cross-sell products. Use Product Grouping to merge similar products into one, but retain different images, descriptions and pricing. Use Product Attributes to show different prices, colours etc, and even change pricing for each.

    more about Dynamic Product Relationships

  • Individual Product Image Gallery Individual Product Image Gallery

    One of the most important things on an eCommerce Store is to show your customers detailed images for each product to entice the customer. eCatalyst excels at this and can automatically create an ‘individual product gallery’ of up to ten pop-over product images for each product.

    more on the Product Image Gallery

  • Site & Product Search Site & Product Search

    Allow customers to search through your entire product content and find products. This can be upgraded to an advanced or even customised Product Search depending on your requirements.
    Note: Buy now and get the Graphical Product Search for no extra cost.

    More about the powerful Product Search

  • Stock & Invoice Control Stock & Invoice Control

    Track online stock and email styled Tax Invoices to your customers automatically after a purchase. Stock can be back-ordered and even facilitated or drop-shipped (optional extra). New: Integrate your sales with Xero and Quickbooks.

    more about Stock & Invoice Control

  • Volume Pricing, On-Sale & RRP Pricing Volume Pricing, On-Sale & RRP Pricing

    Creating pricing incentives is a very important part of any good eCommerce site. Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) show the customer how competitive your online prices are. Create powerful pricing incentives with Volume Pricing to entice the customer to buy a greater quantity of your products, and display a product as On-Sale to clear product lines or simply entice more sales.

    more about Pricing

  • Wholesaler Membership & Pricing Wholesaler Membership & Pricing

    Create powerful Wholesale Membership and offer your wholesale customers discounted prices for every product, plus separate volume pricing. New: You can even allow your Wholesalers only to pay on account.

    more about Wholesaler Membership & Pricing

All you need to run your online business & website!

Our Adobe driven eCommerce websites provides you with an extremely powerful online shop, but there is so much more to our eCommerce websites than just eCommerce - they are a complete business websites too. Our websites come with a powerful Content Management System (CMS), a full Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), built-in Statistics & Reporting, and a powerful Email Campaign Manager - plus a lot more!eCommerce Website sale

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Fitzgerald Limisella Tech Market -

"We would have to say that eCommerce Websites Ltd is one of our best investments to date. Not only do they design our website, they also provide some valuable input in terms of how well certain aspects of the website would market..."

"We would have to say that eCommerce Websites Ltd is one of our best investments to date. Not only do they design our website, they also provide some valuable input in terms of how well certain aspects of the website would market. The team is also a professional and helpful bunch, and they are good value for money. We had a look around for other web design companies before finally going with eCommerce Websites, a lot of companies out there charge much more for similar results. Others charge less but you would end up with a standard template site. "

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