Discount Codes & Gift Vouchers

Discount Codes

Discount codes are a great way to increase your online sales. You can create as many discount codes and distribute them among your various customers groups or distribute them to new customers inside your marketing campaigns.

Discount Codes allow customers to get a percentage, fixed amount, or free shipping off the total of the goods being purchased. These can be applied to one or more catalogues, and can expire after a number of redemptions or a fixed time (e.g. valid to the end of the month only). Discounts can be used by multiple customers and can be created so they are only active after a certain dollar value.

  • Discount Code Type - You can create 3 different types of discount codes. In these types of discounts shipping is never discounted.
    1. Percentage of Order - Enter how much your discount code is worth as a percentage. Enter 25 for a twenty five percent discount or 15.5 for fifteen point five percent discount and so on. Only the products with an order are ever discounted. Shipping charges are never discounted. If a customer receives loyalty discounts from you, these are over and above discount code related discounts.
    2. Fixed Dollar Amount - This is the amount in dollars (or any other currency) that will be subtracted from the total order amount
    3. Free Shipping - The free shipping discount option will provide free shipping to the customer, regardless of the potential cost of shipping associated with the products in that order.
  • Apply discount if order value greater than (leave blank if not applicable) - You can optionally choose a minimum order value before this discount code becomes valid. If the total cost of products in the order does not exceed this value then the discount code has no effect, once this value is exceeded the discount code will automatically be applied. You can leave this field blank if you do not want to take advantage of this feature.
  • Apply discount to one or more catalogs only - If you only want this discount applied to select catalogs, please choose them here. Alternatively do not select this option if you want to apply discount to all catalogs.
  • Expire after X redemptions (leave blank if not applicable) - If you want this discount code expired after so many uses, simply enter the relevant number here. Alternatively please leave this field blank.
  • Release Date/Expiry Date - Discount codes have a release and expiry date. This means the code can only be redeemed during the specified date range. There is no limit as to how many times a discount code can be used. You can at anytime disable the code by making it expired it or deleting it.

Gift Vouchers

Have your customers buy a Gift Voucher in your eCommerce store that they can give to someone else to spend back in your online shop. Gift Vouchers are a fantastic way to increase your online sales.

You can setup any number of gift vouchers with any value for each one. When a customer buys a gift voucher they will be asked to enter the details of the person who will receive the gift voucher. An email will then be forwarded to that person with the details of the gift voucher that they can spend back in your online shop.

Note: that you can also create and import Gift Vouchers using the Product Import feature.

Simply fill in the information for your voucher and input the message that will be sent to the customer when you email them the voucher. You can use "Email Me" button to see what the voucher will look like before emailing it to your customer.

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