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An important part of any eCommerce Website is how well it handles its Members. Most customers don't understand why they even need to have a Members Login, until they need to check a transaction, chase a shipment, review an invoice or re-purchase from your store. So Membership should be seamless, and give the customer clear functionality after the purchase process.

It is also important that your potential customers DON'T HAVE TO BECOME MEMBERS BEFORE THEY CAN PURCHASE your products! Recent studies have shown this can drastically reduce your sales!

eCatalyst gives the option of choosing a username & password during the checkout process, and will automatically generate a username and password if this is overlooked. eCatalyst will also send through the login / password  in an email for the customers future reference.

Members Area

The Members Area is very powerful, and contains the ability for the customer to ...

  • See an Account Summary, consisting of past orders and invoices (which can be re-printed if required).
  • View any Contact Requests and see the current status (which are fully customisable), e.g new, resolved, pending etc.
  • View their FAVOURITES. This is like bookmarking a product for purchase at a later date. This will view as any product thumbnail appears in the product listings view.
  • Change Details, like, address, contact details, and email address etc.
  • Change their members Username & Password.

Another great use for customers to have a members Account is to speed up purchases if they have ordered before. The system will remember all important details from the previous tranaction and pre-fill fields with their information. Yet another way to make purchasing easier for your customers!


Some customers like to add products to the Shopping Cart to review at a later date, but these are lost once their computers are shut down. So by Adding to Favourites, the eCatalyst website will remember their favourite products for later purchase by way of a quick members signup. This will be recorded for ever, and can be a very useful tool for customers as they compare prices from various online stores, and for you, as you can see what products are regularly added to favourites and not purchased!

Members can easily find their username or password by using the Forgot Your Password feature. By entering either their User Name or Email Address, eCatalyst will email back the password.

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