Volume Pricing, On-Sale & RRP Pricing

Creating strong pricing incentives is a very important part of any good eCommerce site. Recommended Retail Prices (RRP) show the customer how competitive your online prices are. Create powerful pricing incentives with Volume Pricing to entice the customer to buy a greater quantity or your products, and display a product as On-Sale to clear product lines or simply entice more sales.

Volume Pricing

Volume Pricing simply allows you to set quantity 'thresholds' with discounted per unit prices.

For example, the normal price may be $100 for 1 widget, but if you buy 5 widgets the price will be only $80 each, and if more than 10 are purchased the price will be say $60 each. A maximum of three thresholds can be created for each product.

Wholesalers also have Volume Pricing, this allows for an additional three thresholds for logged in Wholesalers.

On Sale On Sale

On-Sale Pricing

Displaying product price as on sale (crossed out)

Sometimes you may want to show the normal price crossed out to emphasize your sale price. To do this, simply check the 'on-sale' box for the product. The next step is to ensure you have set the prices for the RRP and SALE price for the product.

When a product is set to ON-SALE it will also be automatically shown in the ON-SALE section in the related catalogue

On Sale Pricing On Sale

Recommended Retail Price (RRP)

Entering a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) is a great way to show off your competitive pricing and create more incentives for your buyer to purchase. By simply putting in a RRP price in a product, the website will show a RRP price above the Sale Price in product listing.

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