Dynamic Product Relationships

Create powerful product relationships using Related Products to upsell & cross-sell products. Use Product Grouping to merge similar products into one, but retain different images, descriptions and pricing. Use Product Attributes to show different prices, colours etc, and even change pricing for each.

Related Products

Upsell & Cross-sell products together to help product positioning. For example, If I am looking at buying an exotic plant, I may be interested in another similar plant that may be larger, or slightly more expensive. Or I may be interested in a spade and some bags of compost.

Your new eCatalyst website will show Related Products at the bottom of each products detail page in a graphical view (thumbnail listing), and can be purchased directly from that page, or simply click through to the full details page.

Product Grouping

Product Grouping is a powerful way of 'merging' two or more products into one. Each product retains its individual images, description and pricing etc, and will show a simple drop-down menu to show the other grouped products.

For example, I have my palm fern above as 1m in height, by selecting a simple drop down with an attribute of 'height', I simply chose the same palm as 3m in height. The page will show new images, new descriptions and pricing etc, without leaving the original page!

Product Attributes

Product Attributes are an excellent way of showing a products individual aspects I.E. colour, sizes, weight etc. For example a blue widget is more expensive than a grey widget, but does not condone its own product page. This keeps the catalogues clean and makes it far easier to specify a product and its attributes.

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