Stock & Invoice Control

Track online stock and email Tax Invoices to your customers automatically after a purchase. No need to manually create tax invoices through third party programs again!

Stock / Inventory Control

Your eCatalyst site will track online Stock / Inventory, remind you when to re-order, show how many are on back-order, allow pre-orders and even hide a product if stock runs out.

Check out our add-ons section to see our additional stock control adaptions. Show stock levels, as low / medium / high (or what ever you require).

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  • In Stock - displays how many products there are left in stock
  • Can Pre-Order - This option goes hand-in-hand with the 'Control Inventory' option. If 'Can Pre-Order' is enabled then when a product runs out of stock it can still be purchased by customers. The On Order value indicates how many items are on back order.
  • On Order - serves two purposes.
    1. You can display it on your online shop
    2. Choose to use 'Can Pre-Order' this value is automatically incremented when this item runs out of stock to indicate how many are on back order.
  • Re-order Threshold - the system will notify you when the number of products in stock drops to this level
  • Hide if Out of Stock - the product will be removed from the live website if this option is selected

Invoice Control

Send Tax Invoices directly to your customers email addresses after a successful sale. These will be customised to your requirements and include the features and breakdowns you require.

Customers can also log-in and view past orders and the relevant tax invoice if they require. You can also resend any invoice to a customer through the admin area.

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