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How can you tell if your email newsletter 'open rate' is normal or not?
4 easy website headline writing techniques
How to make it easy for customers to skim-read your website content

In this fast-paced world, it’s rare for marketing materials to be read word-for-word. Here’s how to make this fact work for you by, enabling skim-reading and comprehension. When was last time you read a company’s entire website - It’s very rare to read these things word for word unless you’re really interested in what they’re saying, right?

| Posted by Joel Woolley
Is your home page doing its job properly?
What can a three-year old show you about marketing?

In order to make those sales, you need to capture people’s attention, and that’s exactly what photographs do - they capture people’s attention. Are you making the most of this powerful marketing tool?

| Posted by Joel Woolley
A little known online trust building technique

You may not even have noticed the little Copyright notices at the foot of most web pages. While it may be small, it’s a very powerful way to build trust online if you do it right. Are you making the most of this technique?

| Posted by Joel Woolley
Buying-decisions are 80pc emotional
Commonly misspelled words websites

To communicate in a professional way it is critical to use correct spelling, incorrect spelling will quickly harm your website presence and potentially hamper sales. Research shows that typos and misspellings can be as damaging as a poorly designed website.

| Posted by Joel Woolley
Not everyone’s ready to buy right now

67% of people aren’t ready to buy just yet, but might in the future... what are you doing to make sure they remember you and come back? Research has shown that at any given time, 3% of people are ready to buy right now! This is traditionally where most marketing efforts have been focused.

| Posted by Joel Woolley
Taking great product photo's

You have a great looking new eCommerce website, what could be one of the most important design aspects of your site is how you present the products you wish to sell. Without the ability to physically smell, touch and handle your products, potential customers have only images and information to decide on their purchase. An image can say a thousand words! The better your products look the more they stand out and the more appealing they will seem. There is much to consider in presenting your products. In this article we will give you a few helpful tips on how to take great product photos without spending a movie style budget.

| Posted by Joel Woolley