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67% of people aren’t ready to buy just yet, but might in the future... what are you doing to make sure they remember you and come back? Research has shown that at any given time, 3% of people are ready to buy right now! This is traditionally where most marketing efforts have been focused.

But 3% is a pretty small number... what about the other 97%?

30% are never going to buy from you, so we’ll just forget about them. But there’s a massive 67% of people that aren’t ready to buy just yet, but might in the future... what are you doing to make sure they remember you?

Here are three marketing tactics you can use to help these people remember you when they are ready to buy:

1. Capture your prospects’ data.

Encourage prospects to sign up to your newsletter or 'latest specials', so that you have permission to contact them regularly via email. Your bulletins will help to ensure that out of sight isn’t out of mind. Sometimes newsletters are a hard sell, but sending 'regular specials' can create more return traffic to your website, these could just be "free shipping for the month of August" for example.

2. Provide useful website resources.

Having lots of useful information and resources on your website means that it’s more likely to get repeat visits from your prospects as they get ready to buy. These can be in the form of simple information, library style pages, or even a useful blog or forum that can be insightful to your potential customers. There are many ways to achieve this, Social Networking style pages (eg facebook, twitter, linked-in) are another great example we often setup for our Clients to give their customers useful resources.

3. Create provisions for customers not wanting to buy right now.

Allow customers to use other tools like 'add to shortlist' and 'add to favourites', that way the customer can still pull products aside and compare with other sites, and in the case of 'add to favourites' it will be there for a while - so next time they come back they can still peruse their chosen products. 'Add to Favourites' functionality can also help capture their details so you can offer further purchasing incentives in the near future.

Even a 'Tell your friends' button can be helpful, customers often send friends site information or products and wait for their feedback, some customers will send these to themselves so they can get an email from the site they are considering buying from!

Some clients just need to gain further trust in your company or product before purchasing, this is where giving feedback from previous clients can be invaluable. This can be in the form of 'product comments' or 'testimonials' from past customers. They may not buy right away, but it all helps them when they are ready to purchase.

For maximum impact, use all three of these tactics.

Used in isolation, these tactics work OK... but if you start combining them you’ll make a very strong impression indeed.

Just think how much effort you put into selling to the 3% of people that are ready to buy right now; just imagine what happens to your sales revenue when you start marketing to the other 67% of people who might want to buy from you in the future! 

We use all these features in our eCommerce Websites, just contact us if you want to go over these important features in more detail. 

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