Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about eCommerce websites

Can I sell to any country around the world, in any currency?

Yes you can, but this included in the Core Package is the ability to sell within New Zealand only. There are many ways to sell around the world, and these options should be discussed with us, so we can help you decide the best way to go about it.

Can I trim down the features and save a few dollars?

The system comes with the Core Features, these are included by default and can not be discluded to lower the base price. Although the eCommerce Store comes feature packed, even without any additional addons, we don't expect everyone to use everything. These features are built in because you may need them in the near future, or are included in the SaaS model - like email marketing and CRM.

Can I use my own web address?

Yes you can use your own web address, also called a URL or domain name. You may already have your website address (domain) or are looking for the right advice before you buy one.

Either way we will help you along the path, from buying your domain, domain emails, to the final go live and more!

Do I own the finished website?

Yes you do, but all functionality behind the site remains the property of eCommerce Websites Ltd & Synergy8. This is the basis of Software as a Service (SaaS), and is partially why we are able to offer so much for so little.

You own the content of the website / customer databases / sales databases, all images and all statistical information and reports. The site may be on-sold if you have sold your business, but must be hosted with eCommerce Websites Ltd.

Do you take a cut of our online sales?

Nope! eCommerce Websites doesn't take any cut from your online sales. However, your payment gateway or bank may charge a fee to process payments. Speak to us for more information on this and the many ways to minimise the bank / payment gateway charges.

How do I collect payment on my eCatalyst Store?

There are a number of ways you can collect payments on your online shop. You can use any of the existing payment gateways already supported, e.g. Payment Express (DPS), PayPal and many more. Or you can opt to use the "Process Offline" method that captures payment details from customers and you can then process these manually using your existing point-of-sale (POS) system. You can also enable customers to choose to pay by Check and COD.

How many email newsletter campaigns can I send out each month?

On the Pro plan, you can send 10,000 email newsletters per month at no extra cost. If you want to send out more, you can purchase additional email newsletter packs very cheaply. Talk to us for more on this and pricing.

Is there a limit on the size of my customer or product databases?

No, there isn't.

One of the huge benefits with our online store is you can add unlimited catalogues & products, and you can grow your customer (and any other) database to be as large as you require!

Where is the website hosted?

Our system is Software as a Service (SaaS), and is fast becoming the most popular way to ensure your site is; secure, backed up daily, upgraded and patched regularly. All the hosting requirements are in very good hands and you don't have to worry about the many hosting complexities, you can simply put your energy into selling and marketing you new online store, not having to worry about technical details, security and down time.